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Darjeeling/Kathmandu AND A PICTURE AT LAST!

September 22, 2007

So im back in K-du now but here is a brief overview of the rest of my Darjeeling trip:

We went to Selimbong, an organic tea plantation so scope out development issues in the darjeeling area–i am also not in possession of The Best Tea In The Entire World. No joke. I bought as much as i could afford because i am now addicted to Mineral Springs Organic Co-op Black Darjeeling tea..considered the best on the planet. Ill be bringing lots home too so tastings will be held!

I also got food poisoning which was a huge bummer but recovered in time to have High British-style Tea at the Windermere Resort with some pals. We ate so much food that they cut us off. Who knew there was a limit of how many finger sandwiches and cream biscuits one could consume at tea!

The day we were to return from Darjeeling to Nepal there was a bundh (strike) in the Terrai, the part of Nepal we needed to cross into to get to the bhadrapur airport. Our fearless leader Prakash (who was also a famous movie villain in loads of old Nepali and Hindi movies!!!) arranged for us to jeep down the mountainside at 4:30am (bummer) and then take BICYCLE RICKSHAWS from the nepali border to the airport. Bicycle rickshaws are generally used for like 5 minute rides..certainly not 1.5 hour ones. Our group was like a hilarious parade of white people in rickshaws since there were no other vehicle on the road due to the strike. Crowds turned out to cheer us on. To make matters more intense my friend Andy, who is a physical fitness fiend decided to pedal his own rickshaw and had the driver sit in the passenger spot. I am not sure if this has ever been done in nepal before but judging by people’s reactions it had not. My rickshaw driver subsequently challenged Andy to a race..which meant our rickshaws were speeding at an ungodly rickshaw speed far far ahead of the rest of the gang. We got cheers and clapping and whistling and hordes of kids ran behind us–quite a sight.

We made it to the airport without running into any Madhesi Separatists (they called the strike) and my family welcomed me home with a momo (tibetan dumpling) making party! it was awesome, even though the momos i made looked like rats according to my cousin.

I have picture capabilities!

Making Momos with my sister Pinkie and our cousin!

Below is (left to right) My older sistey Pinkie, our helper-girl Pretty, me, my Aamaa, my cousin and Pinkie’s two year old daughter Anna (Annapurna)..i absolutely adore my family

mero pariwaar eating momos

Ill upload more pictures tomorrow after i get my ISP Proposal written!

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  1. September 22, 2007 1:11 pm

    i think you are making this stuff up. you are way too cool for school (specifically: ucsd). seriously, how will your future ever live up to rickshaw races in nepal? oh my

  2. mom permalink
    September 22, 2007 1:32 pm

    hey sweetie
    your rickshaw story had me in stitches
    and reminded me of our motocross adventure in rural Vietnam–to be logged under ‘Conveyance Stories’

    thanks so much for pix

    so happy to hear your voice this a.m.
    remember what I said..always avail yourself of best/most effective medicine/health care available
    xoxoxo mommy

  3. September 22, 2007 1:45 pm

    also i don’t know if you like wes anderson’s movies, but…

    take care

  4. Willow permalink
    September 23, 2007 4:06 am

    I love the rickshaw story too. Wow-1.5 hours is a long time!

    Had a great walk with your mom today in SF. Can’t believe how fit she is! We tried to send you a picture via textmessage, but I kept getting error messages. Will have to try again. xoxo Keep posting


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