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leaving tomorrow

February 17, 2010

Well I’ve assembled my stuff, had a final get together last night with my friends, gorged myself on See’s Candy (hopefully this will help stave off cravings for See’s over the next year), and snagged a “Teach Yourself Urdu” book from Amazon. Today I’m just trying to breath deeply and soak in Sonoma County. My upcoming year still has a veneer of ‘un-reality’ to it which will undoubtedly lift once I land in Islamabad. For my gigantic two books to bring I’ve settled on The Brothers Karamazov (which I know and love) and and unabridged copy of The Count of Monte Cristo (which I have never read, but which came with high recommendations from all corners of my family). Apparently, there is a used bookstore right near the KMT offices so Ill be able to snag more books once I’ve arrived, too. I fly on United to the UK and then the mysterious AirBlue to Pakistan. Although there is no mention of in-flight entertainment or food on the AirBlue website, they do tout booking in advance to save “10-90%”, so if anyone would like to come visit, swoop on advance airfare 🙂

I still don’t know what classes I’ll be teaching or even when classes begin, but all that will be made clear once I am in Islamabad. Ill update as soon as I have some impressions of Pakistan and news about teaching! Thank you to my family and friends for all your support for this adventure.

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