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February 21, 2010

Have arrived safely in Pakistan! Ended up flying AirBlue Business Class (upgraded due to being a single woman apparently?), which involved two tasty meals and two very nice flight attendants from Karachi (ive been invited for some shopping expeditions)..and there was a thirty minute stop in Turkey at Tabzon Airport (at4am), I couldnt see much of Turkey but could smell and hear the sea.

Currently at the KMT house in Bani Gala (will try and post pictures soon), a luxurious compound replete with stabled Polo horses, a pond and wifi (YES!). Standing on a balcony yesterday evening and hearing the muezzin call near the house, echoed so many times over in the surrounding areas–that was when it really hit my that I’m in Pakistan.

Will be lounging in Bani Gala for about a week, getting acclimated, swooping on shalwar kameezes (local garb) and ideally learning gobs of Urdu. The similarities between Urdu and Nepali are encouraging 🙂

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  1. Jesse permalink
    February 21, 2010 6:16 am

    Sounds great so far. We are all looking forward to seeing the first pictures from your Pakistan adventure…Love Pop

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