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How You Can Help

You can play an active role in the Kaghan Memorial Trust, the school I was working for, through your donations and support. You will be directly helping the most vulnerable of children, but children who also have the enormous potential to be agents of change in the Kaghan Valley. Whether you are in a position to make a donation or not, please watch the video below to get a better understanding of the phenomenal organization I am working for.

You can make a donation, donate for a specific construction project or Sponsor a Child

You can also help the Mon community I work with in Thailand. You can help by staying abreast of what is happening in Burma, and letting others know. The Human Rights Foundation of Monland (HURFOM), is an excellent site for updates on Mon affairs, and The Irrawaddy is the place for Burma and wider Southeast Asia News and Analysis. This is an increasingly important region and one which does not receive nearly enough international support or attention.

If you are moved  or inspired by what you read on either of the above sites, please write to your elected officials and congressman/congresswoman asking for a policy change to effective engagement with Burma or at least a clearer Burma policy. Or simple educate your friends and family on what is happening in this corner of the world. Thank you!

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